Fort Worth League of Neighborhood Associations - FWLNA

About the FWLNA
"The League was founded in 1985 by about 12 neighborhood groups led by founding members:  Chris Getz, Dr. Glen Kroh, Mary Palko and Ben Ann Tomayko.  The purpose was to form an organization to create a strong and loud voice at city hall.  They felt it was important for the neighborhoods to be involved in the decision-making process especially when it involved the neighborhoods.  Today, we still promote that same philosophy.  The League is an umbrella organization representing neighborhoods on all levels:  City, county and state. It is comprised of member neighborhood organization groups such as Neighborhood Associations (NA), Home Owners' Associations (HOA), Property Owners' Associations (POA) and  Neighborhood Alliances" - www.fwlna.org

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